Green in the News – Electric Vehicle Network

Mark my words, 2011 will go down as the year of the electric car.  The Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, a plug-in Prius, and many other entries by major manufacturers are entering the market.  At the end of May, the Clean Economy Network of Houston, Texas is hosting an event called “The Evolution of Vehicles: Electric Vehicles and Houston” where these and other new electric vehicles will be demonstrated with a discussion to follow.

Just last week, Better Place, a manufacturer of electric cars and infrastructure announced it was rolling out a network to ease the “range anxiety” associated with electric cars.  The company plans to keep Electric Vehicles moving for distances beyond their stated battery life, making longer distance trips possible.

The concept ‘Better Place’ is pushing is focuses on interchangeable batteries.  Better Place is taking Renault Fluence Z.E. sedans and at their stations, users will have the ability to swap out batteries in as little as five minutes.  In addition, when parked at shopping centers, Better Place hopes to have charging posts available to put a little bit of charge back into cars.

The Renault Fluence cars would be bought minus the cost of the battery.  The battery would be bought through Better Place with a subscription that allows access to their charging network across the country.  Rates would be dependent on driving characteristics.

Better Place is also setting up a network in Denmark, where rates have been established from about $300 per month for 6,200 miles (10,000 km) to about $600 for unlimited miles.  There is also an initial subscription fee of $2,000, but in both Israel and Denmark, gasoline is pushing $10 per gallon.

In the United States, the Clean Economy Network of Houston is promoting Houston as a leader in electric vehicle technology for Texas.  Nissan rolled out the Volt for Texas in Houston, and hosted the Chevy Volt launch here as well.  Most recently, Houston also achieved designation as an ‘Electric Vehicle Readiness city’ and could be one of the first cities in the nation to host an elaborate electric vehicle network system. One Stop Green commends the work of the Clean Economy Network of Houston and their commitment to supporting the advancement of Electric Vehicles in the state of Texas.

One Stop Green is looking towards a ‘greener’ future, sharing the latest and greatest ideas in green living and green technology with you through our staff written blogs. Going ‘green’ is no longer a choice, it’s our responsibility, that’s why it’s so important to try and do the small things that can help change the outlook of the planet – and this is essentially the purpose of One Stop Green. We believe even the little things like recycling or using less water helps the environment out in a big way, and that’s why our various solutions seek to nurture and edify your home or business in an eco-friendly manner.

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